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Hello this is the links page where you can find ways to other anime sites.


MegaTokyo Home page

Here You can see New comics, I think old comic and get to now more about the book. If you like anime type things you should check this site out.


Anime Music Videos dot org

This is a site where you can get any anime as a music video (Very cool).

When you join you must wait 2 weeks brfore you can dounload most of the videos. My suggestion is after 2 weeks download “tainted donuts” It’s a cowboy bebop and Trigun music video that’s really good.



This is a tiny sugar snow fairy site pretty good check it out.



Inuyasha would has everything you need to know about inuyasha + wallpaper, fan art, screen shots, profiles, and much more


A Pita Ten Site

This is a pretty good site with picks, profiles, wallpaper, and more



This is a site with some pretty cool stuff and you can download some full metal alchemist episodes. And a couple other anime’s episodes at that.


Slayers universe

This is a pretty good slayers site with some great character bios.


Fruits basket

This site has bios and a lot of cool stuff + a bunch of links to like Yu yu Hakusho, kiddy grade, tenchi GXP, and much much more.